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About the Campaign

The African Association of Universities (AAU), the University of Nottingham, and the Ethical Data Initiative launched the Campaign for Data Ethics in Education in Summer 2023. The Campaign aims to highlight the importance of educating researchers and aspiring data practitioners about the ethical considerations involved in collecting, using, reusing, and storing data during their training.
The Campaign advocates for the integration of data ethics in all higher education courses focused on data science and research. It aims to educate the next generation of data and research professionals about their legal and ethical obligations when it comes to using, reusing, and sharing data.
In today’s increasingly connected and digitised world, data is everywhere, and its significance cannot be overstated. With the increasing prevalence of big data and artificial intelligence, it has become clear that data ethics is essential for both individuals and organizations. This is especially true in the field of scientific education and research. Therefore, it is crucial for universities to include data ethics in their curricula.
The Ethical Data Discussion Series was introduced to delve into the ethical concerns surrounding digital technology, data collection and data-driven research; emphasising the importance of training digital practitioners in the ethics of their profession. This ongoing series is broadcast on AAU TV and can also be accessed on their YouTube channel. The series features expert panel discussions on various topics related to data ethics, research and education.