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Meet the team

Kathryn Bailey
Communications, Policy, Partnerships and Operations Director
Suchith Anand
Programmes and Outreach Director

Kathryn Bailey is an ICT, international development, data and economics communications expert.

During her career Kathryn coordinated communications and outreach for Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) as Head of Communications and Partnerships; managed the OECD Development Centre’s multilingual publications programme as Publications and Media Relations Officer; worked as Project Officer on the OECD Environmental Performance Review team; and was co-Founder and Operations and Marketing Director of a tech start-up, overseeing all aspects of running the operational side of a SME.

She is Editorial Advisor for Taylor&Francis’ f1000 Agriculture, Food and Nutrition open research gateway, and holds a BAHons in French, Linguistics and Translation from the University of London Institute in Paris.

Dr. Suchith Anand is an internationally recognised expert in sustainable development and geospatial science, providing guidance and advice to governments and international organisations on data science, data ethics, open education, open data  and open science policies.

He has authored a wide range of publications; from journal papers, scientific reports, book chapters to international strategy documents. He is passionate about education enabling an inclusive society which supports a full commitment to equality, diversity and the public good. He has positioned his work to serve as a bridge between academia and the worlds of policy and practice. He is a UN SDG Volunteer and Advocate. His recent research has focused on ‘Leadership for a More Ethical, Equitable, and Just World’.