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International Geoethics Day 2022: Promoting the UN SDGs

International Geoethics Day will be held this year on the 12th of October. The event, held every year during the Earth Science Week, aims to raise awareness around the ethical, social and cultural implications of geoscience knowledge, education, research, practice and communication. Organised by the International Association for Promoting Geoethics (IAPG), Geoethics Day raises awareness of the social role and responsibilities of GeoScientists in conducting their activities.

To celebrate the 6th edition of the International Geoethics Day and help raise awareness, the IAPG is inviting members of the GeoScience community to post a photo of themselves on social media (#geoethicsday2022) holding a sign outlining what they think is the most important action, value or concept to ensure sustainable development of human communities, or send it to: iapgeoethics@aol.com.

More information on the events being held this year to inform and raise awareness can be found here: https://www.geoethics.org/geoethics-day

The IAPG have developed a “Geoethical Promise”, which has been included in Master’s Degree graduation ceremonies in Italian universities, reminding GeoScientists of their responsibilities.

Find out more about the GeoEthical Promise here:  https://www.geoethics.org/geopromise

For more articles and resources on GeoScience and GeoEthics here: https://www.geoethics.org/publications

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