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Call for Hosting: Ethical Data Research Centres

We are living in a digitally transformed society. Data drives problem solving and better decision making. While the digital revolution has transformed the way we live, solving many issues; it has also given rise to numerous questions and challenges which affect everyone. What governance policies and frameworks are needed to make sure digital technologies and opportunities are available for everyone and there are no monopolies created? How do we make sure there are proper governance mechanisms in place to embed values in all data ecosystems?

An emerging major obstacle for research and development funders in open data has been how to address data ethics and governance issues that may arise during the course of projects, as there is no blueprint. However, unless organisations address these concerns, they risk encountering barriers to funding, collecting data and trust.

The Ethical Data Initiative is looking to partner with leading engineering and technology research Universities to form a – or a series of – Ethical Data Research Centres. It is expected that the Centres will provide a neutral space to enable multilateral conversations around data ethics, ICT and data governance, and Ethical Digital Leadership. The Ethical Data Initiative intends to use its expertise to enable priority setting, development, policy development, and collaboration across public and private sector.

As the host of the Ethical Data Institute, the host organisation will play a key role in developing Leadership training and policy frameworks. Additionally, benefitting from our links with international governments, experts and projects and expanding the University’s impact in research and teaching; turning knowledge into evidence-driven policy, linked to UN SDG Aims. We will work with the host organisation to jointly expand research themes, and develop publications and Web-based tools. Our global communications and outreach strategy expertise will be key to achieving visibility for joint outputs, connecting into research and activity globally and enabling amplification of impact on a local, regional and global scale.

We will work in close collaboration with the host organisation to secure additional funding to support joint research and activity; raising funds by winning international development funding bids, and government or Foundation calls for proposals, to expand the activities of the initiative.

We will contribute to key teaching programmes and courses (data governance, data science, data ethics, international development, geospatial science, policy development, SDGs, communications, leadership) as appropriate to the University. This could include Executive Education Programmes linked to the hosts’ Science Diplomacy aims.

Our global communications and outreach strategy expertise will be key to widening impact for the host’s projects. The initiative will communicate key joint outputs to the wider research and  data community, connecting into research and activity globally and enabling amplification of impact on a local, regional and global scale.

Key aims:

  • Provide a neutral space to enable multilateral conversations in data ethics.
  • Provide Ethical Digital Leadership, priority setting, collaboration, development, and guidance to both public and private sectors.
  • Co-develop with interested organisations policy frameworks for Data Ethics in consultation with all stakeholders.
  • Co-develop with interested universities and scientific organisations a series of Executive Education Programmes, aimed at senior government officials and industry leaders.
  • Provide advice in Data Ethics and Data governance to governments, industry and the research community.
  • Co-develop with interested organisations Digital Citizenship Training for the education sector.
  • Co-develop with interested organisations policy, programmes and campaigns to raise public awareness around the importance of data ethics.
  • Growing a partnership community to amplify key messages and output.

If you would be interested in finding out more or discussing potential areas for collaboration, please contact: kathryn.bailey@ethicaldatainitiative.org

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