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Data Ethics and RRI: Faculty training in AICAD Universities

The Ethical Data Initiative were delighted to be invited to partner with the African Institute for Capacity Development (AICAD) to deliver Data Ethics training to over 50 data science faculty and PhD supervisors from its consortium of over 20 universities across Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. The course took place from 2-15 May, 2023.

The graduate studies supervisor course aimed not only to teach key fundamentals of Masters and PhD research supervision, but also to equip attendees with up-to-date and relevant information to address the challenges of supervising data science postgraduate courses in the modern age.

Delivered by the Ethical Data Initiative, the Data Ethics and RRI in Research session covered the basics of data ethics in research. The course built upon postgraduate training developed for and delivered in UK universities in Q1 2023, highlighting the need for all researchers to demonstrate awareness of, and commitment to, responsible research and innovation (RRI) principles.

As part of their Campaign for Data Ethics in Higher Education, the Ethical Data Initiative are joining forces with the University of Nottingham and the Association of African Universities (AAU) to create a series of informative Webinars on data ethics, exploring the pressing ethical questions inherent in digital technology, data collection and data-driven research. The first Webinar, Data Ethics Policy in Higher Education, will take place on Tuesday 23 May at 10h00 British Summer Time (09h00 GMT). You are invited to register to take part in the event, which will also be streamed live on AAU TV.

With hundreds of universities across the world already supporting our Campaign for Data Ethics in Higher Education, there is huge momentum building.

If you are working towards, or planning on working towards, including Data Ethics in your university or school curriculum – or are planning on expanding your current offering – we would like to hear from you. Please contact: kathryn.bailey@ethicaldatainitiative.org

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